Why does my church need Interim Ministry?

The interim period between one pastor leaving and the next pastor arriving can be a special time of God moving in a congregation. Instead of sitting back and waiting for the next person to arrive, the interim time creates a wonderful opportunity to address issues, questions, concerns, vision, and the church’s health. Turning the interim period into an intentional interim period can make a tremendous difference in the future of your church.

So how you choose to handle the interim period is very important. There are many decisions to be made.

To assist a church in successfully navigating this interim period, Texas Baptist’s Interim Church Services provides a network of pastors and ministers with significant ministry experience who have completed specialized training in the interim ministry process.

Our network is ready to provide you with both traditional interim services or perhaps engaging with your church in a more intentional process:

Traditional Interim Services Available

  • Supply Guest Preachers
  • Traditional Interim Pastor
  • Search Committee Training
  • Assistance with posting a church ministry position
  • Assistance with potential minister candidate resumes
    Read more about the Traditional Interim Services

Intentional Interim Services Avaialble

  • Intentional Interim consultant presentation to both the Transition Team and the congregation, in order to understand the intentional interim process and to consider what interim process fits your church
  • Certified Intentional Interim Pastor candidates, from which an Intentional Interim Pastor is selected by the church to guide in an intentional process of discovery, reflection, vision and focus on the future health of the church.
    Read more about Intentional Interim Ministry.

We welcome your inquiries. Our desire is to meet your needs and share our resources with you, particularly related to the interim period between pastors.