Traditional Interim Pastor / Preacher Network

IIM Network Pastors Can Make Your Life Easier

Don’t let your interim time between pastors turn into a time of stressing out or standing still. If you do, you will find your church’s attendance and giving may go down significantly.

Instead, contact Texas Baptists’ Interim Church Services and take advantage of the expert IIM Network Pastors in your area.

Interim Pastor Referral

We will refer trained Interim Pastor Specialists who can serve in interim pastoral leadership, fill your pulpit, provide pastoral care, and meet other ministerial needs.

All of our IIM Network Pastors have been credentialed through over hours of interim pastor training.  Affiliates have 20 hours of training in helping churches with traditional interim needs.  Intentional Interim Ministry pastors have an additional forty-plus hours of classroom training, five months of field education, and practicum experience to be credentialed.  IIM pastors are “certified” after they complete an IIM pastorate and pass a peer review.

By working with our IIM Network Pastors, you will receive the many benefits of their many years of ministry experience and professional interim-specific training.

Guest Preaching Referral

While looking for the right interim pastor, your church will want to fill your pulpit with good preachers. We can help. IIM Network pastors in your area who are not currently serving as interim pastors in churches are available for guest preaching assignments. And because of their training and experience, they understand the interim transition period and its challenges.

Contact Interim Church Services or call 214-887-5491.