Pastor Search Committee Resources

Texas Baptists’ IIM Network of trained pastors provides onsite professional training sessions and helpful printed resources to Search Committees.

If your church is engaged in either the Intentional Interim Ministry process or the Traditional Interim process, the Search Committee should seriously consider allowing the Interim Pastor to be part of the training.

Schedule a Search Committee Training Session

Onsite professional training for Search Committee roles, responsibilities and process is conducted in two different formats:

  • A two-hour overview session covering an effective search process
  • A six-hour retreat (recommended) that provides significant team-building and spiritual foundations, along with addressing the search process. Retreats can be scheduled to accommodate your church’s preference:
    • Friday night and Saturday morning
    • Saturday morning and afternoon
    • Sunday afternoon and evening

Contact Texas Baptists’ Interim Church Services to arrange a Search Committee Training Session, or call 214-887-5491.